Hon. Secretary A.P.C.V. Chockalingam

When I was elected by the members of the Managing Committee as Secretary of V.O.Chidambaram College in 1981 I took up the reins with mixed feelings. Could I live upto the standards of this great institution so passionately nursed by stalwarts like Sri A. Srinivasa Raghavan and the founder Secretary Kulapathi A.P.C.Veerabahu ? And as I recall their struggle to build this temple of learning I am reminded of my father’s remark made in another context: “Strive to achieve the wisdom to know that people cannot remain happy simply by being prosperous, but need a challenge to their security that requires them to keep striving to retain it”. These words still reverberate in my years. I have tried in a modest way to find happiness and perhaps salvation by improving the lives of my fellowmen. This drive has been at the root of all our programmes. The influence of culture, that an institution inherits through the vision of the founders plays a crucial role in the development of its constituents and in their integration and functioning.

In order to exist the human must assimilate a culture, which means clearing a space in chaos within which meaning and society can exist. To realise this blue-print our motto “Love, Knowledge and Wisdom” remain the best benchmarks.